Special Guest is the event where the audience are the speakers.

There are two rules…

  1. Anyone can take the stage to share anything for one minute.
  2. Listen and applaud.

It’s a space where we can let go of who we’re supposed to be and embrace who we really are. It’s a celebration of the funny, weird, wild, deep, random experiences of being human.

Previously, members of the audience have taken the mic to… share their grandma’s wisdom, talk about what they had for lunch, apologise to their vagina, list the things they love about themselves, pun on command, say what they wish they’d said to their ex, talk about nothing, ask for a hug, serenade the audience, thank their mum, share their latest project, eat 23 marshmallows, read an ode to plantain, play ‘Ice Ice Baby’ on the recorder, find a date, and much more.

Photography by Edith Whitehead
Brand by Studio Pizza

Contact matt@specialguesthq.com

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